Two young entrepreneurs cruising through the Nevada desert in a convertible Mustang at top speed looking for a place to experience Las Vegas in the daytime. Looking across the landscape it didn't take long to decide a place where we could at the very least get a great view and maybe a cocktail…..enter the stratosphere tower.

The first key thing to mention is a hot topic in recent days and its important to know the ease in which we found the parking garage and got our FREE parking spot located right next to the elevator entrance to the casino. Would this alone veer us to go to the Stratosphere regularly instead of the better located strip properties? No, but if you have the means to drive and want to kill a few hours, its worth going to this property.

The casino although very basic had a great layout, but not much action going on inside. We aren't too sure what goes on during a busy weekend, but in the early afternoon on a Wednesday, there we couldn't find any signs of life anywhere. The only reprieve was a great center bar with decent Video Poker payables. Our mission was to get a cocktail with a view, so we asked the nice workers how to get upstairs to the 107 sky lounge which leads us to a disappointment.

Our plan to get a cocktail and then maybe muster up the courage to get on some of the thrill rides was stopped by the fact that the lounge doesn't open until 4pm (it was currently about 1PM). The main reason you want to go to this lounge first is to avoid having to pay to take the elevator to the top of the tower. All this meant for us is that we had no choice but to buy the thrill ride tickets and go directly to our elevator…or so we thought.

The next annoying thing is the process in which one has to go through to get to the elevators that take you to the top of the tower. It is clearly a marketing ploy, but you will find yourself once again in Las Vegas walking through what looks to be a less than classy mall to get to the elevator section of the Stratosphere. After some walking we arrived at our elevator and after only about a minute ride and three ear pops later we were at the observation deck of the tower.

Would it be worth it to spend the $20-$30 to get to the top of Stratosphere for just the view> I would have to say yes only if it is the first time in which you are doing it. The 360 view of the desert landscape is nothing short of spectacular and worth it day or night. After a brief look around the tower we went to our stated destination which was “The Big Shot”.

“The Big Shot is a set of chairs around a scaffold sized antenna propped atop the highest point of Stratosphere. After being strapped in and what seems to be an eternity until they hit the big red button, you find yourself propelled into the air with only the sight of the city below you. A brief moment of weightlessness and you free fall making you think as though you would plummet to the ground in an instant. This action repeats about three more times, and then you are gently returned to your starting point full of adrenaline and happiness. 

There are a bunch of other thrill rides on the top of the tower that give the sensation of falling off or swinging over the edge of this colossal tower. All looked equally amazing and got great reviews from the passengers leaving. It was great to go through this experience atop the stratosphere to say “we did it”.

The hotel property as discussed doesn't have much going on for it besides the view and the rides. The room are not the worst on the strip, but also don't ring of luxury. A step above an Excalibur, but still not to the standard of the newest suite based rooms Vegas is seeing in recent days. Just like a lot of other items we write about we would say about Stratosphere…..Visit it, Don't stay too long, and only get a room if the price is very very right for you and your traveling party.


    The Vegas Adventure

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