If anyone has been traveling to las vegas more than 20 years, they have had the opportunity to watch the desert landscape evolve into a fantasy land full of castles, countries, and themed resorts as far as the eye can see. I for one first went to las vegas when the old “Dunes” hotel was closed and empty, and there was a black pyramid starting to take shape as I looked out of my families hotel room window. This was the time in the early 90s when the economy was great, and the possibilities for gigantic themed resorts seemed endless. There was a .99 cent hotdog special flashed on every marquee, and good luck finding a buffet where you were coming close to spending fifteen dollars per person. The service we got then included “things for free” and “things for cheap” and the reason for this is that bigger was better. 

 It was at this time when themed resorts started popping up all over the strip and there was an amazing competition to get a families nest egg deposited into the hotel coffers, all while junior and mommy watch the pirate show outside. This model worked great for the times, and thank god for the people responsible for campaigning Las Vegas as a family destination because I got to visit at least once a year. The question that we face now is, “whats different?” in the way Las Vegas has evolved into a modern day destination.

The onset of paid parking sparked this debate in the hearts and minds of anyone who travels to Las Vegas regularly. A one time free perk of a city that set itself above all others on the “cool scale” is now making us feel used. What caused this city to change so drastically you ask? Well Im going to answer this question and make sense of where Las Vegas need to go in the future. 

When bigger was the way forward for the hotels and attractions its clear that the economy in the United States was the overall contributing factor that kept people flying in non-stop and spending all types of extra income at the casinos. Would it be simple just to blame the changes on Las Vegas on the economy and call this article complete?; yea it would, but there is more to it than simple math. The overall change we are seeing is not only a weaker economy, but a weaker stomach towards doing the right thing to the loyal customers. Do we really think that the hotels on the strip need that extra few dollars we are now paying for parking? No way, and its the fleecing of us that makes me only want to only go to places that do right by us. 

So what is it that can move Las Vegas back into the right direction you ask? Its very simple….”Smaller is better”. With the closing of the smaller casinos on the strip to make way for CVS number 523, Las Vegas has somehow lost its identity. So why not bring them back? Yes, bring back the smaller casino properties to fill up that barren empty landscape full of metal skeletons. Does it make sense to wait for mega properties to continue the trend of building gigantic buildings that run out of financing every month? Should we continue to wait it out and listen to the people that claim that the next themed mega resort will be done in the next few years? The answer is no….because we should be getting into the mindset that smaller is better.

Doesn't it make sense to fill up the North Strip with small O’sheas and Bills Gambling hall sized casinos maybe with no hotel attached? How about creating an atmosphere where a young entrepreneur can get a simple business loan and open up his own video poker parlor attached to his souvenir shop? The possibilities would be endless and the now empty landscape would slowly fill up with what would mean more traffic in what is now a no mans land. Im not advocating another container park because we already have enough of those, but a stretch of the strip where the neon signs outside are higher than the property itself much like the older days of Las Vegas. 

The overall thought that should be taken from this concept is that it makes sense to open a bunch of small properties making some money and contributing to the development of this great city. This all makes sense compared to what we are doing today which is waiting for the next press release that gives us another promise that the financing for the metal skeleton has finally been reached for the 300th time. Well we aren't buying it, and its because of the recent track record that we recommend that everyone get on board with our movement……SMALLER IS BETTER!!!!