I have dealt with my share of awkward situations in my life, but this one is more than a guy should have to handle.  I have been known to travel quite a bit with my line of work as a salesman and have frequented airports as a rite of passage to my trade. Usually I am by myself, but after a LONG stretch of travelling it was time for me and my girlfriend to get away together. In my single days, I would be with at least one friend headed to Las Vegas, but this time it was me, a blonde bombshell, and way too much booze at an airport bar in the Midwest.

We sat at an airport offshoot of a chain restaurant and started our pre-vacation binge drink with no cares at all. Margarita one through six went down like water and we found ourselves dancing to the prerecorded restaurant music track you would come to expect in an Airport chain restaurant when it happened. Right across the bar from me sat a familiar face that I immediately knew (and couldn’t figure out how).

Both the mystery woman and I made brief eye contact and that was all that my girlfriend needed to see. I guess there is a sixth sense that clued her in that I knew this woman a little bit more than I could even remember. After being asked how I might know this girl I was being honest when I told her I didn’t remember (and dramatically tried to pay our tab and get the hell out of there.)

It was headed to our gate that I then remembered how I knew the girl in the restaurant. One interesting night I had when I was travelling through Las Vegas I ended up having dinner alone in an upscale bar (that Steve Wynn owns), in an opulent hotel (that Steve Wynn owns). After a brief meal with just me and a Macbook laptop a loud roar of woman stormed the hotel bar.

Without too many details I remember being approached by the girl I just saw in the airport and was told that part of the bachelorette party ordered her to go talk to me. WIthough giving too many details I remember sitting by the hotel pool with bottle service and laying with this chick in a cabana. Then next thing I remember was waking up in my room with her next to me and the awkward exchange of numbers when we both said “I’ll call you later”.

Now there I was with it all coming back to me as I am boarding a flight to paradise with my now girlfriend. After seeing this other girl again and having the random night of hotel fun come back to me I then realized my issue……I cant remember her name to call her when I get back. 



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