This might not be the longest or most interesting story compared to some of the ones that I've read on here, but this Las Vegas trip was a wake up call for me. We left California and drove to Vegas on a whim for what was supposed to me one night of craziness. Once we arrived the biggest decision point after a few hours at the pool was where we were going to eat before we were going out to the clubs that night. 

The decision by one of my female friends to go to a Mexican type place where she knows "COCO" likes to hang out was one of the worst decisions ever. We ate a ton of overpriced food and went out to the club later that night after a few hours of gambling. 

Fast forward to what must have been about 3am (ish?) and I guess I did pretty well in the club because I found myself headed up on an elevator with a blonde chick from the club.  

Without dragging out a story there were a few major things that happened next.....One, I must have excused myself mid-fun to the bathroom and had what is the equivalent to a chocolate multan explosion in this poor girls toilet. That isn't the shocking part of the story. The crazy thing is that I DID get lucky that night as I awoke with no clothing on with the desert sun peering through the curtains a mere 2 hours later. The bathroom looked like a crime scene, and I saw that the hot blonde I took back to the room was about 8-10 years older than she seemed in the elevator. 

Awww shit (literally)



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