Three hours have gone by since my friends have all went to bed and there I am in the middle of a Las Vegas Casino at 5 in the morning all alone, looking for something to do. It was now the third morning in Las Vegas and the previous night nobody partied very hard at all. Listening to his girlfriend, by buddy decided that it would be best to go upstairs early for the night and to be fresh in the morning for breakfast and pool lounging. This logic seems lost on me even now as I ponder what to do with my solitude derived freedom.

My first move was to make my way to an environment where there was at least a few living souls up now of the day and I naturally went to the center bar of the hotel. I sat down and then put a twenty in the Video Poker Machine (a move that I mostly do for the free drinks) and then a perky brunette bombshell asked me what I wanted to drink. For whatever reason, instead of ordering a cocktail at 5AM the mix of the new day and beautiful woman asking me had me answering strangely. “is it possible to get a coffee?” I asked her, and she smiled and soon I was caffeinating trying to plan my next solo Vegas move.

Sober and hyped up I felt that walking the strip for the 400th time would not be the fun I was looking for and that maybe it was time to get out of the city for a bit. I walked up to the front desk to find the rental car section empty. The sign said that although the desk was closed, to call this number and a car can be arranged 24hours a day. A brief conversation and transfer of debit card information and there was a car being delivered to me at the hotel Valet in 30 mins.

There I was under a brightly lit Las Vegas Marquee in a new SUV with the world set out before me. The car linked directly to my phone and then it was time to choose a soundtrack. “The Rat Pack, Live at the Sands Hotel” was the first thing that came to mind and then with the roar of 1960s crowd noise I threw the car into drive, and turned out of the Valet Area. Cruising the Strip towards the Desert with the sun peering up over the horizon I was a new man.

I drove as fast as I could west without knowing where I was headed and stopped at some dive looking half hotel slot parlor (forgot the name) just to look up in my phone where I should eat a breakfast. As it turns out there is no descent buffet resorts between Vegas and California on a weekday. I raced the last 20 mins to a place called Primm (again a dive looking stop off), and realized this morning was all about the drive.

I sped back towards the Vegas strip at top speed and kept driving down the strip until I passed the wedding chapels and pawn shops. After free parking by the Golden Nugget I found myself a place to get a good egg sandwich. There I was sitting on a bench among the homeless looking at the vast canopy of downtown. Wondering how I would end up in this spot was of no consequence. Sometimes it’s all about the drive is all I figured.



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