Hey Vegas Adventure, I wanted to include a short story about a recent trip I had with my friend. After the last trip to Las Vegas I had I mad a small list of the things that I still did not get to do (mostly because I was drunk or lazy). On this list was the Infamous giant Ferris wheel known as the High Roller. Even though we told ourselves that we would stay more sober to enjoy activities, this did not happen as usual.

Our morning started out almost normal with us up with the sunrise (a travel tradition), in our hotel room suite at the Paris Hotel. We were upgraded to a huge multi room living space with a separate living room complete with couches a wet bar kitchen etc. Still being half drunk from the night before I stumble to the Keurig machine and make myself a cup a black coffee. Standing in a hotel room robe I stood stepping over my friends on the floor to get to the window to see the Bellagio Fountains. There is nothing better than standing at this window with the sunrise and drinking a cup of coffee with the view I had.

After some rumbling I realize the girl that my friend “met” last night awoke and walked into the living room area. “Is there coffee?” was all she asked and when I turned to tell her where the k-cups are, I saw her standing there completely naked. Interesting start to a Vegas Adventure I guess. A hiss of a Keurig and a short time later now with a robe on I sad at our 8 person table in front of this giant window talking to a curly haired blonde girl from Washington State.

Conversation was funny and interesting and before long my buddy awoke and so did my girlfriend (now Ex) leaving the four of us awake before 8AM and trying to figure out what to do. The High Roller was on my short list and the decision was made….Breakfast and then Ferris Wheel it shall be.

Our breakfast was a wonderful buffet where it seems that because we were the early birds that day we got in with ease. The price was cheap (player rewards) and we elected to start drinking bloody maries and mimosas which were unlimited because of our reward status. The meal lasted over an hour and we were already tipsy. The walk to the Linq hotel was a fun strip singing extravaganza with our group of four already feeling no pain. Once in the promenade area of the linq the decision was made to continue to booze before we hit the Ferris pod.

To make a long story short I will just say that another hour of gambling and drinking way too much made it then time to make our way to the High Roller. I was slowly sipping beers and my best friend seemed to be drinking Jim Beam straight (not a great choice I guess). We enter the futuristic pod and the four of us had one all to ourselves which was amazing. As the doors closed and the announcements were coming over the speaker and promotional video started I saw my buddy start changing colors.

Fast forward 15 minutes later and as we were ascending to where we were about to peek up higher than the hotel rooftops and that is when it happened. My friend was leaning up right where the glass of the pod and the metal meet up. He first coyly tried to slowly spew without making too big of a scene. After we all see this the laughter began. Once he felt that embarrassment wouldn’t be something he could now avoid, round two was one of the most vile and funny moments of my years of visiting Las Vegas. Imagine four people right before noon trapped in a smelly pod with some of the window covered in puke? As he lay on the floor eyes closed and all of us pressed to the other side of the window the laughter and jokes were that of epic proportions. Yes there was pictures (he won’t lent me share) , and video (my evil ex must have). All I have of this story is the memory of my buddy throwing up…. not to mention the memory of his naked girlfriend making morning coffee. I love Las Vegas!



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