We just got back from a short 2-day trip from California to Las Vegas where we were planning on doing a 48 hour stay-up bender. Even though there was a chill in the air we decided to put the top down on my best friend’s cherry red Mustang Convertible and put the heat on to even out the breeze. The trip started perfect with a short 3-4-hour car ride until our Sin City Adventure.

On our way, there we needed to stop for gas and knew there was a good spot for food and gas about an hour out of Vegas in Primm. We grabbed some Red Bulls and snacks and me being a gentleman, decided to pay for the gas to fill up my friend’s car. Looking up we saw right across the street “Buffalo Bills” hotel and Casino glittering in the Desert sun with its old but very cool looking roller coaster in operation. It was then that I turned to my buddy and said “we must take a ride on that coaster to continue our journey”. He easily agreed and we made our way across the street to the semi-empty parking lot to go on this coaster.

There was absolutely zero line while waiting for the roller coaster and we were two of the 5 people that were loaded up and starting the accent to the heavens on this yellow track of majesty. The initial drop was more than I anticipated and the ride was longer than we expected, ending with us both clapping and laughing as it came to an abrupt halt. Completely worth the price of admission.

When exiting the ride, we made our way through the mock western town and did some quick window shopping in the souvenir shops filled with rubber snakes and electric barking puppy toys to emerge on the casino floor once again. Being full of energy from the ride I thought it would be a good Idea to sit and have a few beers with some Video Poker in this almost empty resort in the desert.

Sparing the details I would like to say that about 4-6 hours later I woke up next to what appeared to be a 35 year old red headed exiled Vegas Stripper/Call Girl in a 43 dollar a night Buffallo Bills Hotel room. I remembered picking this chick up at the empty bar and after A LOT of afternoon drinks found that her bleach blonde friend and her were just as interested in having afternoon fun (without charging us). I guess they weren’t hookers after all!

I snuck out of the hotel room about 5PM after getting in touch with my friend (down at the food court and didn’t score). Luckily he was sober enough to drive and we cranked the tunes and away we went once again one hour from the Vegas Fun that awaited us. To be honest, I love random Vegas Stories where you don’t plan anything and you wake up next to a redhead in the desert!



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