This story won’t take long because I still only remember a portion of my night. After a buffet Dinner at Mirage which included unlimited booze my friends and I were already pre-sauced. I remembered making everyone stagger over to Excalibur after we went downtown to walk amongst the crazy people in the street. I guess whatever frozen concoctions that we engulfed while down there didn’t take effect until we reached the castle.

There is always a great vibe on the gambling floor at Excalibur. I was wasted and playing roulette (although poorly because I woke up with no money) and the last thing I remember was going to the lounge area of the casino floor. I know there is a bathroom next to it because I slightly remember falling off a bar stool at some point to get to it. And then TOTAL BLACKOUT.

The following morning, I woke up in our hotel room about 930AM alone not knowing where my buddies were. Snuggled up next to me is what appeared to be a 3-foot-tall fake Christmas tree decoration complete with shiny gold tinsel wrapped around it. Where did this, tree come from? How did it end up in my bed? Am I currently wanted by Las Vegas Metro?

All these questions went unanswered as my friends won’t tell me (or don’t remember) anything. The next day and a half I kept an eye out for faux trees that resembled the snuggle bed tree buddy of mine. With no luck, I was left with a foggy memory and a morning filled with Christmas Confusion.



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