So there I was with a buddy of mine not even knowing that Las Vegas had beer gardens. We found this one that was actually sponsored by Budweiser and being hefty beer addicts we realized that we couldn't go wrong….so we thought.

Hour one of beer garden drinking couldn't have been any better. The beers were delicious, the view of the Strip was Perfect, and the people watching was great both in and out of the venue. I wasn’t even keeping track of the number of beers we were drinking because many came in the form of pitcher and tower looking devices that were destroying our sobriety by the glass full.

Right about hour two and change, my buddy and I were both feeling no pain with whatever exotic kegged happy juice was just poured down our gullets. It was when I left to go to the bathroom that I realized just how intox I really was, and maybe it would be time to mosey on down the strip pretty soon when it happened.

Apparently I missed the initial exchange, but there was my buddy in a verbal dispute over a balcony with what looked to be a 2 foot tall man in some sort of costume. Leprechaun maybe? I wasn't too sure how it started but it sounded as though my friends was calling him a “wee little man” in what sounds like a terrible Irish accent.

To make a long story short I will fast forward 12 minutes as I realized it was now time for us to pay our bill and get out of dodge. As we sat there waiting for our card to be taken the little guy that my friend was yelling at came over to the table yelling obscenities. When we stood up to get our bearing in the situation I said out loud “oh yea he is a leprechaun” at which time the little guy winds up and kicks both my buddy and I as hard as he could in the shins (mine was more of a knee kick). 

Imagine looking up from one knee in horrible pain to the sight of the lucky charms guy pissed off and yelling curses at you? Yea, well that made for my favorite drunk Vegas afternoon I can remember in recent memory. Curse me lucky charms that fucker kicked us!



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