This is kind of a quick story, but one that I must tell. My buddy and I were on a 2 day bender after driving in from California and were handling ourselves as Vegas regulars should. After dousing ourselves in gambling loss booze we decide that it may benefit us to walk outdoors and see the strip. All this was supposed to do is stop us from losing money for at least an hour.

As we walked it was becoming more apparent that this decision was a good one and I told him that I wanted to make my way to “the park” thing in front of the new arena. It must have been a few minutes after this decision was made that we hear this very loud popping sound coming from a pedestrian bridge. At first I was thinking car backfire or something big even falling from a balcony of a hotel. It was with the site of people now running in all directions that I then utter the words “dude I thing those are gunshots”

And gunshots they were…..from the response we saw at the bridge it seems as though there was a Vegas style hit that went down before our very eyes (actually at a distance but still). We now have an epic Vegas story, and more important we have a reason to not go outside as much when we visit. Stay Classy Las Vegas!



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