I recently returned back from Las Vegas after a short 4 day trip for my friends bachelorette party. Our plan was to explore the strip and to spend every day sun bathing by the pool. After our first afternoon we decided that we would go to the club Hyde later that night. It was okay, but after all chipping in 100 bucks for bottle service I can see where these clubs get their money. I was a bit turned off by the loud music and annoying guys, but we danced and eventually got drunk.

That next morning at breakfast we asked our waiter about the pool at our hotel (Mirage) and he told us that it is very popular during the day and has a fun environment. We were entering the pool area and all of a sudden were in a club once again only this one looked a lot more fun.
After we got our seats (we paid for) I looked around and all I saw was people dancing and then I noticed a woman walking by with no shirt or bathing suit top on. She was seated next to my friends and I and that sparked the future events. Lets just say that it took about 3 frozen drinks and some prodding from my friends until I was considering going topless. 

The woman walked by for what must have been her 4th pass and then I said “fuck this, my body is better than that bitch” and off came my bathing suit top. This lead to my friends doing the same and all of a sudden we had a pack of drunk ladies all laughing and drinking with their lady parts for all to see. To our surprise we didn’t feel like a lot of men were gawking for the purpose of seeing the sites (which could have been the booze too).

The next few days were a little more tame, but I wont forget the time I let it all hang out with my friends (literally). Booze, club music, and naked friends is what I will keep in my memories of those Vegas pool days. Ladies, go to the Mirage, and feel free to be free of clothing!!



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