No shit there I was, stumbling drunk out of what I was told was a reputable strip club in Las Vegas. Instead of jumping in a Cab I thought it wise to walk to the bright lights of the business next door to attain more Tobacco products and booze. I was with my buddy so thought it safe.

One 24oz can of cheap beer and a pack of Cigarettes later we emerged looking at a group of people making noise in the parking lot. I decided it a good idea (because I was drunker than hell) to see what all the fuss was about. Once we were about 30 feet away it was clear that this was no normal fight.

On the ground was a guy who looked about 20 years old and curled up in the fetal position trying to look pathetic to avoid further beating. The other 4 guys were yelling down at him and puffing out their chests over this poor kid when one turned and locked eyes with me.

So there we were, speed walking back to the entrance of a strip bar, beer slopping around in our hands and praying that we don”t get overcome by the mad men. Why were they so angry? What did anyone do wrong? Luckily the bouncer walked at us and escorted us back to the safety of the cab line like we were a bunch of pussies (because we are).

All I can say is, “thank you bounce guy”, for making our funny little Vegas Story one that didn’t end in a hospital!



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