Im drunk at the moment and talking about me recent trip to vegas. All I can say is that it smells. I walked out of my hotel at Harrahs and was annoyed. From the second I hit the strip exit I was blasted with a foul garbage stench. What annoyed me was the fact that I could’t decide if the smell was from the recent garbage run from the hotel, or the stench from the 25 homeless and “street performers” that were surrounding me.

The lucky fact is that I was a short walk to get out of the low tide stench, but there is still something that has to be recognized and that is the state of the strip. I know that there is that the having a cop on every street is not possible. but why don’t the hotels put a bunch of security clearing the way for us? If I wasn’t seasoned and prepared for this, I would be shocked at the multiple senses that were being triggered.  

My first encounter was with regular homeless where I told to “fuck off” as I continued on. My next encounter was with two low brow hooker looking show girls with NO feathers talking about cabaret shows who I nicely said to “fuck off”. My final encounter was with a guitar players girlfriend (I'm guessing) who hassled me as I tried to walk past her boyfriend. It was the third encounter in 5 minutes and I’d had enough. My tongue was not tied and I might have unleashed on this poor meth head.

My point is that I think the Las Vegas Metro needs to add some man power and get rid of the nuisance that we endure every time we walk out of a property after 8 pm….rant complete.  



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