I just got back after a three day bender with my childhood friend. We stayed off the strip at Tuscany suites and felt a little bit pissed that we decided to save a few bucks by staying off the strip. That is until one crazy Vegas Night where we went all out and ended up getting back to the hotel around 4 in the morning.

Just as we thought we were done for the evening we heard loud female voices emulating from the central hotel bar. I figured there was absolutely no harm in seeing what I was hearing and thank god that I did. A set of four beautiful bombshells were singing and drinking the night away and I saw an opportunity.

I figured that I would “go big” or “go home”, and picked the perfect opening line to these ladies. “Hey you ladies aren't hookers are you?” This was met with laughter and smart ass comments and we were off. The Vegas gods were upon us. 

Long story short I ended up hitting it off with a red head I will nickname “fireball” for artistic sake. After four more rounds of drinks with some dancing and singing in the bar I decided to walk off with fireball hand in hand.

We ended up in a gym area of the hotel and I though this would not suffice for naughty time, but to my surprise the outside entrance door to their pool section was still open. We quickly sauntered out to a cabana looking spot and took care of business under the cover of cloth and darkness. After this event “fireball” decided it a good idea for us to go skinny dipping and get dressed and escape as quickly as possible to meet our friends back at the bar.

It was a great Vegas adventure that Im glad I can share with all of you because It makes me want to fly back each word I write. Thanks to “fireball” for making what happens in Vegas, Stay in Vegas!



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