I know this may not be the most crazy story, but on a recent visit I had an unusual run of good luck. It all started at McCarran airport while de-planing. My hefty drunk friend had to use the bathroom as soon as he exited the plane and I took it upon myself to put a 20 dollar bill into a Triple Diamond slot machine. Two pull in and I hear the bell started ringing and it didn't stop. An attendant was right near our slot bank and was all too happy to grab by voucher for $1,236 and take me to get my money. Worth the wait and off we went.

During our day time strip walk we were walking from Paris to Ballys when we came face to face with one of those huge stupid looking slot machines that take big silver dollars. After actually winning in an airport I decided my luck may carry to another long shot. After inserting 6 of the ten silver dollars I was then hearing the tones of the credits going up. Cashing out with $646 I felt that I was on a magic luck journey.

Afraid to lose I gambled very little losing 20 dollars here and there and felt it necessary to make some dumb bets with the free money I had before we left our 3 day trip. I decided to place 20 bucks on my lucky number on roulette and then put another 20 on all four corners of the number. The odds are terrible and I felt like that hundred bucks was wasted. My number hit….My freaking number hit and I almost fainted.

In three days I won thousands on gambling on what would be the most epic story I will ever have in a casino. Im sure this isn’t the most interesting story on your website, but I feel excited to share it because it feels almost impossible!



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