Buzzed and walking on a Wednesday night I wandered into the Hooters Hotel and Casino because I felt “why not”. The bar/restaurant was closed (which makes no sense because the building is titled Hooters) and we were marching back towards the entrance to get the hell outta there.

It was hallfway through the casino that a very friendly hotel worker grabbed my attention by asking us if we were looking for anything. She was in a less slutty hooters polo shirt with sparkling eyes and flowing blonde hair so I decided not to be a sarcastic asshole as I normally would in this situation. I politely commented on how stupid it was for a main Hooters restaurant to ever close in a hotel called Hooters. Her eyes widened and what happened next shocked me.

I was asked to come to a side office off the casino to not only put that opinion on paper, but also answer some other questions on what I felt about the property. Because of the appearance of this chicken wing hotel barbie doll I was in some sort of drunken trance spending time to help her in her hotel research duties.

After 30 mins of chatter and me thinking I was witty and funny and it was all over. As I was getting up to leave she gives me her card and says “if there is anything else you can think to include please call me”. I sprung off a cheesy line about how I would like to call her anyways to talk about anything but this dreaded hotel.,,,,,,,,,,,,(fast forward 12 hours)

Im in some sort of condominium complex at 8AM next to the chicken wing barbie of my dreams. I remember drinks at the lounge on top of the Stratosphere, and getting convinced to party on Fremont Street. I blacked out around 4am from what I gather.  I called a cab to get back to my hotel to share the story with my friends who dont believe a word of it to this day…..I heart Hooter Barbie.



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