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So I just got into my hotel from the Bugsy bar at the Flamingo. I stopped gambling majorly and now place my focus on drinking while playing a little bit of Video Poker. To my surprise this trip there was that new light system placed behind the machine to monitor the “Comp” system. I decided that I will test out this system to get the most bang for my buck.

As drink #1 arrived I then used this opportunity to introduce myself to the good looking female bartender and ensure that a five dollar bill was given as a tip for this first drink. I stayed personal and talkative all while letting my machine sit there and a red light go on. As pint one was complete I then played max bet for a total of 6 hands winning a few three of a kinds to put me where I started and there went the green light on, score!

After the conversation with my beautiful barmaid continued she conveniently drops in that she has a boyfriend and 2 kids so getting her to go out with me was out the window. I still stayed in conversation with her in the off chance that it may benefit me. After drink two I did the same thing as the first but this time quickly played about 10 hands winning a little putting me at about $12.50 left in the machine.

The light went on and then my bartender friend brought me my next drink and WITH a pint glass full of clear liquid. “Here is the water you asked for” was all she said, and to my delight it was what I guess is a flavored berry Vodka and soda pint! While getting sloshed I then played max bet for the duration yielding me $15 bucks or so.

Another five dollar tip later and I cash out with three pints and a HUGE vodka drink for the ten bucks in tip I left this sweetheart. The light system can work if you do it the right way!!



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