When planning my last trip to Las Vegas I only had one prerequisite when deciding on a hotel, It had to be cheap. After scrolling through about 5 travel sites I decided that staying at Luxor would be great for the price and location. I remember staying there when I was about 6 years old with my family and had fond memories of riding up and down the Inclinator up an down and feeling like I was in a foreign land. What I walked into was clearly not the same building that I remembered in the past.

Upon arriving I was met with a friendly front desk clerk who was all too happy to help me get me checked in. I attempted to get an upgrade in the usual manor and was advised by the nice lady that I would have to pay extra to get my upgrade. Twenty Eight extra dollars a night and I was in business. This room should be what makes this trip very memorable…..SHOULD being the key word.

I entered the room that was in the independent tower and thought that this somehow would make this room more luxury, disappointment is all that follows. The room was nothing but a slightly bigger outdated room with a wet bar. All this means is there was a chipped formica counter top with an over mount sink and a mini fridge that wasn’t even cold enough to freeze the upper compartment. I immediately called the front desk and was told that there were no other upgrade rooms available and they would waive the upgrade fee and the resort fee. So Im in a slightly nicer motel 6.

My wife and I decided to co down to the casino and scout the floor. We came across a casino bar with descent video poker pay tables so we decided to play. After 2 minutes the bartender came over and offered us a drink and we ordered Manhattans and Martinis for our first $20 of play. Well the great news is the bartenders loved us and stopped looking at our play and continued feeding us drinks until we were staggering away.

The rest of the casino was small, but busy. We noticed we kept getting turned around and confused on which direction we were going. All  and all we would have to say that the gambling was less than great, the rooms were horrible and in need of improvement, and the staff was more than happy to make up for the properties shortcoming with as much booze as you can handle.

Mission success, a strip hotel for very cheap in a good location. That is only because it is near a bunch of other places on the south strip. 



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