Its not even 7AM and I am awake in Las Vegas. This wasn't the result of a well planned good nights sleep, but the result of one (or 15) too many tequila shots in the early afternoon. When I woke up I needed to figure out where my life would be headed.

Downstairs I end up at the hotel gift shop making the purchase of 2 Gatorades and a small packet of ibuprofen. Maybe this would stop the herd of animals from stampeding though my brain stem. After I wrestle the package open and inhale its pill shaped contents I chug Gatorade number 1 and now I am faced with the question “what does one do before 8AM in Las Vegas”

Moving through the casino is like observing the sad bus stop before the rehab express rolls into town. Barely awake zombies clanking away at slot machines while the carpet sweeper drowns out this mornings classic rock selection on casino 101 radio. The cocktail waitress past her prime in the looks department is chatting up a pit boss and paying zero attention to her paid employment task. I guess there isn’t much requirement for a White Russian at this time of day, but she wouldn't care if there was.

Moving outside I a blasted with the feeling of opportunity because the strip is almost empty. There is a homeless man curled up by a potted plant with what looks to me an empty bottle of  transmission fluid from a Buick, or maybe its left over flavored vodka. Either way I hold my nose and soldier on. A runner sprints by which makes me a little angry. I feel like she is mocking me for being hungover and picking up her jogging pace to show me what a pathetic loser I am for being half cocked during a Vegas Sunrise.

I walk for about 25 minutes and settle in on a pavilion near a hockey stadium for a cup of coffee. There is a Mermaid statue thingie in view and people are slowly starting to filter by me as the pedestrian traffic increases. I am now where I should be, people watching in Vegas in the early morning hours. I decide to play the game “where are they from” which was easier than I thought.  Im hoping that when Americans go go other countries they don't wear T-shirts of our flag like this maple leaf wearing waste of Vegas Oxygen.

After an hour I realize that I am just wasting precious Vegas time and not getting enough done. With that passing thought my next decision was what eventually leads me to another wake up the following day. Video Poker at the hotel bar with a Bloody Mary until my friends wake up. Win or lose I realize that I just figured out what there is to do in Vegas before 8AM…….drink and gamble. 



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