Its early afternoon on a 110 degree Vegas day and we decided to venture out of the usual Vegas routine. After playing endless hours practicing my gambling on my phone I saved up enough points to get some free vegas offers. The offer we chose was two free passes onto the Monorail. I’ve never been on it, so I why the hell not.

After two minutes on this thing we then realize that the only view that one can get from the vantage point of the train car is the rear of a bunch of hotels…not very exciting at all. After a 15 minute rocky ride on this train we were told by the automatic conductor that we have reached the end of the line. We arrived at SLS which we found to be swanky and empty. We weren't in the mood for another “Cosmo” type stroll through a hotel, and then I made a decision that put us on an epic journey, to the outside of North Las Vegas we go!

We stroll outta the casino doors and I randomly chose a direction to travel in to take in the parts of Las Vegas that we don't get to see from the strip. On the corner is a Tattoo Parlor and a 7-11 convenience store which makes me feel even more comfortable for a walk around this area. After block 3 the entire vibe switched from Vegas to zombie land.

Outside a bunch of orange stucco trailer sized homes sits two people in cracked plastic lawn chairs. From the look of them they are in need of some help on hygiene. Both wearing wife beater style T-shirts and smoking what look to be Newport 100’s. The empty sand lot across the street is littered with everything from old tires to an old baby carriage laying on its side. For whatever its worth I just hope whoever the poor kid who was in it last has been moved to a nicer place to grow up.

We walked half a block more and after hearing Metro Police Sirens in a close vicinity we decided we’ve had enough. It was we turned around that one of the two scary zombie looking men yells at us “you guys lost or something?” I had nothing more to say but simply “No” as we then made a very brisk walk in the other direction. We didn’t see the second guy anymore and were starting to get concerned he was lurking around the area. Only a few short blocks away from the 7-11 for some safety.  I guess the thinking was that in the very least they must have a security camera inside.

We walk in and I decided that it would be a good idea to buy something so we don't look like lunatics. When I put a beer on the counter and saw the clerk I realized that this part of Las Vegas was something special. The clerk was covered in Tattoos and it looked as though his nose holes might be pierced shut with quite the array of barbels and rings. This purchase complete we we gathered our courage and made it the last block back to SLS without incident. 

We’ve had enough and decided that this part of town was the wrong part of town. From now on I will only hang out on hotel properties and never try to see the “other” side of what Las Vegas has to offer. 



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