Its 4Am…(ish?) And we are sitting next to a fire in what looks to be scene out of an old Vegas movie. After the food arrives I realize that the quality is that of any diner I have in my home town, but fuck it, I need some french fries covered in bacon and cheese. 

I look across the table and there is the almost attractive group of women that we picked up at the piano bar at New York, New York. If I actually make it back to my bed I hope that I don't have the brunette  next to me. The blonde is almost decent looking, but lets just say she keeps talking about “the AMAAAAZZZING” time she had the night before in some posh Vegas night club. If I was to guess she probably has a 300 pound bartender boyfriend at home who is way past his glory days as the high school place kicker. Im still not letting this ruin my night, Im drunk in Vegas.

We are now post grease platter and I am sobering myself for an early morning gambling push to glory. Just then my buddy decides we need to throw an after party in a hotel room. My guts churn and I look for any reason to get myself out of this late night drink up with these Taylor Swift “wanna be’s”. It was then that I decided to suggest a late night Vegas Strip walk to experience all the debauchery it has to offer. If I can tire out the group maybe I can separate and go solo.

I settle to walk away with the brunette to be a good wingman and then come clean with this girl. I have no interest in her or any late night tumbling and thankfully she is all too happy to agree. I then convince her we are to go on a cheap gambling binge and that is what lead to the greatest Vegas time I can remember in recent history.

Its 630AM and I have a dollar Michelob in front of me and am playing a version of Video Poker that seems to have far to many Wild Options, and then it happens. Royal Flush hits. And now for  the good news. I was drunk enough to start playing dollars. I then make this girl agree that we are best friends and tomorrow we are to go on a drinking and gambling binge with my new found fortune……..

Mike T from FLA



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