The first Vegas Mix has ended and we are now listening to The Rat Pack Live at the Sands album. There is something about the Mix of big band music and slap stick comedy that makes this drive all the more memorable. Of course the 3-6 beers Ive ingested since breakfast doesn't hurt either. I was in the mood for some old school casino fun that I remember from years ago. A place where I can still here the “clink” of the slot machine coins hitting the tray. Out of the barren desert wasteland appears a run down cartoonish looking sign…Gold Strike Casino we have arrived.

I remembered this place in the past being a last ditch hold out on the “Old Vegas” i cherished from my childhood. The minute we walked in my hear sank like a stone on the bottom of Lake Meade. It was evident that 80% of the casino was actually empty…..NO not empty as in nobody at the machines. I mean physically empty space where gaming used to me. It looks as though there is some kind of last ditch effort to make some kind of income from the gaming space by placing some classic cars where the slots used to be. It looks and feels so very pathetic it almost makes a person feel bad for the owner. After a brief photo op around the empty car show space it was time to scope out some kind of gaming action.

The slots were converted to the Voucher system leaving no reason for us to play them. Im not going to play a suckers game in an empty casino and give them back even .35 cents remaining on the voucher. No sale here Gold Strike. We then approached an empty Blackjack table and decided Dollar Blackjack might be a fun way to waste some time. The only positive thing is that this property lets the players hold their own cards like the old days (im guessing they arent worried about getting cheated out of a dollar minimum bet) Besides that, there was no action, or signs of life in the casino. 

We decided to get back into our sports car feeling a bit defeated of what we just witnessed. Its clear that the “Old Days” of the properties on this drive are over. Maybe its the economy, or maybe its the time of year we visited (end of May), buy we are not impressed. What did we do? Cranked up the tunes to the sound of Frankie and Dino and set back out onto the desert highway.




07/09/2016 12:06am

Vegas trip will not make you feel gloomy. It was a full-packed experience because of hotels, shopping and fine dining. I also want to go to the Red Rock Canyon for a day. And I'll never miss the helicopter trip. Then, move to Bellagio to witness the madness of the botanic garden of desert. You'll never regret going to Vegas, one of the most visited place in America.


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