Was it the booze we ingested yesterday or the simple fact that we are overexcited to be in Las Vegas that leads us to make a crucial decision at 9AM? 

Its Thursday morning at the front desk and the concierge basically says that for a very small price we can rent the economical compact car we planned on, OR we can spend drastically more for the 2016 Mustang Convertible. At this point there really was no decision to be made but the right one...the Mustang was ours, and our destination was west on I-15 through the desert. Primm Nevada here we come. 

As my dear cousin hit the clicker and the car unlocked we saw the flickering of the tail lights. This was a very good decision indeed. A quick button press and the top was down leading us to head for the top of the garage to take a photo with our car and the high roller Ferris wheel. Having a Ford myself, I quickly program the Bluetooth and blast the pre-made Las Vegas Mix. I crack open a beer (he was driving), and away we went. 

Buffalo Bills-Primm Nevada 

Out of the empty desert pops up what looks like an old red barn blaring in the sun. Wrapped in roller coaster tracks and the most cliche looking Native American dressings, this place literally looks like an oasis. The mostly empty parking lot was perfect for quickly checking the suspension on our rental car (via donuts) and we head inside. After seeing the almost corny looking sign outside and the interesting exterior a certain low expectation is made before entering the casino. To be honest the inside looks beautiful and modern. It looks like the casino inside New York, New York only it was almost totally empty. Not really interested in gambling we head to the roller coaster entrance taking further notice of the emptiness of this place. We got to the coaster and found that it was closed. The roller coaster, the water ride, all attractions are closed and we were told that it is only opened sometimes to the public on the weekends. Bummer, another victim of the recession I guess.  

There was nothing left for us to do at that point but walk around the empty casino, and eventually settle at the center casino bar for some Video Poker, which ended up being the only fun we had at this property. The sad thing was we had trouble even finding something to eat before we got on the road. It’s a shame, but Buffalo Bills used to be a Must Stop location for my family and I when I was younger because it was one of the few attractions that had plenty to offer kids as well as adults. At the time it boasted the tallest roller coaster in the country (circa 1990).  

We had nothing left to do but about 10 more donuts in the parking lot and to make our drive back east towards Las Vegas. Our plan?....to stop at any small local casino on the way and experience life. Which as we learned, would be tougher than we thought. 



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