<![CDATA[THE VEGAS ADVENTURE- TRAVEL ARTICLES AND INFORMATION - HOMEPAGE]]>Sun, 31 Dec 2017 00:26:39 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Unsuccessful Model “How the Vegas boardrooms have the customer all wrong”]]>Sun, 31 Dec 2017 07:59:30 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/unsuccessful-model-how-the-vegas-boardrooms-have-the-customer-all-wrongThere has been plenty of articles written looking back on Las Vegas and the way things “used to be”, but its time to take a step back and look at the issues facing todays Las Vegas from the regular Las Vegas customer. Its important first off to explain that I am in no way an economist, accountant, or even have a college degree, but I do have something that seems to be missing these days…Logic.

First off lets take a minute to picture ourselves walking down the strip in Las Vegas today. Besides the grand beauty of the resorts themselves we have seen the transformation from the target customer being the average “Joe”, to an upscale yuppie who enjoys a 35 dollar cheeseburger. To make the point clearer lets jump back in time to a place that will make this point clear.

The time is the early 2000s and I am walking down the strip where I am all of a sudden pulled to look at a group of people standing and sitting at a blackjack table, while shouting out loud what seems to be right on the sidewalk. As I step a little farther under the overhang I am met with the smell of cheap alcohol and fried food. As I step inside of this large dark opening I see what appears to be a funny looking Elvis knock off playing a lounge show to a crowd that has a mixture of young people and a few pulling oxygen tanks to their seats. As I look further down the faded carpeted aisle I see tables full of yelling gamblers all being dimly lit by elegant looking brass chandeliers that my Aunt Diana had over her dining room table in the 80s. As I walk a little further I come to an open area packed with college students throwing ping pong balls into red beer cups right next to a food court frying up the source of the aroma in the Air. Where am I?… O’sheas. The least Bastian of the way Vegas used to be vs. the corporate monster that robs us of our money and our dignity.

Why I brought you to this time is simple. This was the Las Vegas which figured out long ago the formula to make the Las Vegas visitor want to go to their property and stay at their property. Its the old argument over quality vs. quantity and as the suits in the corporate boardrooms are finding, their battle is being lost with their decisions. The constant conversation with todays pitch for “skill based gaming” and hangout areas that offer ping pong and giant checker boards results in their overwhelming attempt to gain the “millennial” to spend money. The reality of these pathetic attempts is that younger (and middle aged) gamblers will spend more time and money in their properties if the Casinos revert back to giving us what we really want…cheaper booze,  more comps, and free parking. 

Now for the logical look on how none of this makes sense to me. Let just for a minute think about all the casinos do these days in their attempt to make their properties appealing to the customer. As we look at recent changes to the hotels we see celebrity chefs getting palaces built into the properties requiring demolition and construction to the point where the overall facades of the buildings are being stripped down to the beams. If a property takes into account what its costing them to build these yuppie havens into their properties, it clearly must be in the millions of dollars per project. If any Vegas executive in a boardroom decided to forgo just one million dollar project to build another “Bobby Flays”, and puts that money towards free booze or more comps for the average gambler, that one decision would probably yield them more money and business than all of the 45 dollar steak burgers in the world. 

We see this wrong model going on all over the strip with inviting a corporate chain store to cover up a historic fountain at Caesars. Wouldn't anyone with a brain think that if tens of thousands of people are taking a photo op in front of that fountain, that capturing a small percentage of that number would still give more profit than they are getting off the Samsung fountain rent? Imagine if the same brainiacs in the corporate boardroom kept the fountain in place, decided not to build the million dollar celebrity chef burger joint, and then had people offering the free booze and comps offers in front of that fountain to lure in the customer? Like I say, Im not an accountant, but logic would tell you that quantity would win over quality.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us in an environment where the consumer has to make the conscious effort to do their homework before boarding that plane. Until someone like you or me gets hired to make decisions behind those corporate walls, it seems like the Harvard grad who cant hold his booze will keep deciding the future of Vegas based on his excel spreadsheet. We all know that ACE Rothstein from the movie “Casino” was right when he said “the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all”. We all know this to be the truth when it comes to going to a Vegas Casino, but the only way todays Las Vegas properties will get their money from us is to get through the doors of their properties to begin with. What I have to say is good luck! 

<![CDATA[POSTING IN A COMBAT ZONE!!]]>Fri, 27 Oct 2017 07:15:14 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/posting-in-a-combat-zoneGOOD MORING FROM AFGHANISTAN!!!! Has the owner and creator of thevegasadventure.com, as we mentioned many months ago I am deployed to Afghanistan with the Army.  I FINALLY found internet powerful enough to post onto a blog and should be able to change the look and posts of the blog.

I hope everyone is doing well and getting through these hard days following the incident at Mandalay Bay. Please take the time to drop us a line and keep us informed on your Vegas Adventures.

Please NO stories from the night of the shooting. We utilize our network of Vegas Blogs as and escape from reality and don't want to relive the terror of that night!!

We hope to hear from you soon!!

<![CDATA[WHY THE MILLENNIAL WIMPS WONT GAMBLE!]]>Fri, 12 May 2017 04:58:53 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/why-the-millennial-wimps-wont-gamble ]]><![CDATA[How do I know this chick?]]>Sat, 29 Apr 2017 22:07:08 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/how-do-i-know-this-chickPicture
I have dealt with my share of awkward situations in my life, but this one is more than a guy should have to handle.  I have been known to travel quite a bit with my line of work as a salesman and have frequented airports as a rite of passage to my trade. Usually I am by myself, but after a LONG stretch of travelling it was time for me and my girlfriend to get away together. In my single days, I would be with at least one friend headed to Las Vegas, but this time it was me, a blonde bombshell, and way too much booze at an airport bar in the Midwest.

We sat at an airport offshoot of a chain restaurant and started our pre-vacation binge drink with no cares at all. Margarita one through six went down like water and we found ourselves dancing to the prerecorded restaurant music track you would come to expect in an Airport chain restaurant when it happened. Right across the bar from me sat a familiar face that I immediately knew (and couldn’t figure out how).

Both the mystery woman and I made brief eye contact and that was all that my girlfriend needed to see. I guess there is a sixth sense that clued her in that I knew this woman a little bit more than I could even remember. After being asked how I might know this girl I was being honest when I told her I didn’t remember (and dramatically tried to pay our tab and get the hell out of there.)

It was headed to our gate that I then remembered how I knew the girl in the restaurant. One interesting night I had when I was travelling through Las Vegas I ended up having dinner alone in an upscale bar (that Steve Wynn owns), in an opulent hotel (that Steve Wynn owns). After a brief meal with just me and a Macbook laptop a loud roar of woman stormed the hotel bar.

Without too many details I remember being approached by the girl I just saw in the airport and was told that part of the bachelorette party ordered her to go talk to me. WIthough giving too many details I remember sitting by the hotel pool with bottle service and laying with this chick in a cabana. Then next thing I remember was waking up in my room with her next to me and the awkward exchange of numbers when we both said “I’ll call you later”.

Now there I was with it all coming back to me as I am boarding a flight to paradise with my now girlfriend. After seeing this other girl again and having the random night of hotel fun come back to me I then realized my issue……I cant remember her name to call her when I get back. 

<![CDATA[A limo ride with a coked-up cover band]]>Fri, 17 Mar 2017 02:48:04 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/a-limo-ride-with-a-coked-up-cover-bandPicture
I just left Vegas after a three-day bender with my best friend and am glad I can share this situation with someone. The night was going reasonably well with the usual Strip walk as the sun is setting. This has become almost like a tradition for me as I like the strip right before all the stupid Disney characters and homeless guitar players come out in force. Having only a few adult beverages up until this point I again stayed with my tradition of buying an over-price frozen drink and planting myself right in front of the Bellagio Fountain about eight minutes before the show starts. My buddy obliged me in this dumb tradition and then we made our way to the roller coaster at NY-NY.

Post roller coaster and ten dollars lighter (kind of worth it to do once), we were looking for a place to get properly liquored up. The sounds of St Patrick’s Day were echoing from the corner of the Casino which raised our attention. The smell of hot dogs loomed in the air as we approached and we then saw what looked to be a rowdy Irish Drinking bar complete with Live music and chaos. We were in!

After what must have been three hours of drinking crazy amounts of dark beer we were staggering around figuring out our next move. I decided that going downtown to mingle in the smaller properties would be our best bet. Next stop was the Uber line at the hotel.  We were met with two separate lines of people measuring into the hundreds as my fumbling buddy tried to figure out how to get a quick ride through this app (and he was failing at this task). I decided to wait in the regular taxi line in case it would move quicker than I thought which was clearly not the case. Defeated and hammered drunk my friend grabbed me and told me to follow him.

Further down the Atrium was a cheap looking black Limo with dark tints and a dent in the passenger side door. Before I knew it, my friend pulled on the back-door handle and it opened! I’m now in the back of a Limo that I clearly can’t afford. The driver with a raised tone says something to the effect of who are you guys and my buddy chimed up “I’m Dave, they know we are here waiting for them”. The driver literally said “Okay, they should only be a few more minutes”.  Who was “They”? And how the hell is this all happening? Vegas Baby.

Three minutes later a full our Kiss Cover Band complete with female companions and entourage come flying into the car. “Who the fuck are you guys?” was the first thing said. While I started, my apology confused routine my buddy told them we couldn’t get a car to take us downtown so we decided to jump in theirs. This honesty brought about a fit of laughter from at least six of these fraud rockers and one of them in a British accent then said “Cool you’re with us now, mate”.  As the car made a left turn onto the Vegas Strip we were watching as an over the hill Gene Simmons starts taking bumps of coke off of some girl’s metal clutch purse.

We did eventually get downtown…..We ended up outside of what looked to be a swinger sex club called the green door or something which is where my buddy and I parted ways with the rockers. Im sure that going into that club with the fake members of kiss and their 80s-hair sprayed entourage would have made a more epic ending to this story, but I think the fact that we got the limo ride was pretty fucking cool.

<![CDATA[The bathroom of a 40 y/o blonde]]>Sun, 05 Mar 2017 09:17:15 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/the-bathroom-of-a-40-yo-blondePicture
This might not be the longest or most interesting story compared to some of the ones that I've read on here, but this Las Vegas trip was a wake up call for me. We left California and drove to Vegas on a whim for what was supposed to me one night of craziness. Once we arrived the biggest decision point after a few hours at the pool was where we were going to eat before we were going out to the clubs that night. 

The decision by one of my female friends to go to a Mexican type place where she knows "COCO" likes to hang out was one of the worst decisions ever. We ate a ton of overpriced food and went out to the club later that night after a few hours of gambling. 

Fast forward to what must have been about 3am (ish?) and I guess I did pretty well in the club because I found myself headed up on an elevator with a blonde chick from the club.  

Without dragging out a story there were a few major things that happened next.....One, I must have excused myself mid-fun to the bathroom and had what is the equivalent to a chocolate multan explosion in this poor girls toilet. That isn't the shocking part of the story. The crazy thing is that I DID get lucky that night as I awoke with no clothing on with the desert sun peering through the curtains a mere 2 hours later. The bathroom looked like a crime scene, and I saw that the hot blonde I took back to the room was about 8-10 years older than she seemed in the elevator. 

Awww shit (literally)

<![CDATA[Pool Party Hospital Trip]]>Sun, 26 Feb 2017 07:37:44 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/pool-party-hospital-tripPicture

The faint sound of voices echoing through my semi-conscious head as I try to make them out. I’m guessing the sound of the sirens and the flashing lights might have something to do with it. And then there is the possibility that I am shit faced drunk that could be a factor. Yes, there I was in the back of an ambulance headed from a Vegas Strip Hotel.

The day started out harmless enough. I had more than my fare of drinks the night before and was already feeling like total shit when my girlfriend (now ex) decided on the buffet at the Luxor. Its day two and already I am falling into the Las Vegas abyss. The red-haired waitress in her mid-thirties came to take our drink order and then made the simple suggestion that we try the unlimited mimosa or bloody Mary option while we gorge ourselves in greasy bacon and runny eggs. There couldn’t be a better suggestion on earth for the way I was feeling that day.

After about six drinks and way too many calories we went up the inclinator to our room and got ready for another day in Sin City. The one thing that I never did in my many trips was to take the monorail and we took the opportunity to buy large glasses of frozen booze and make our way down the strip to the different hotels. The last stop of SLS was where I then realized I was already shit housed.

After walking around, a while we heard the thumping of club music coming from the direction of palm trees and big glass windows. It was there that we saw it was a day time pool party full of millennials having a good time. Being in our early 30s my girlfriend said that it would be fun to take part. A short trip to the boutique and $150 later we had bathing suits and were on our way to re-invent the youthful experiences of years past.

After another two drinks (now big cans of Coors light), we were in the pool dancing and meeting people all around us. This group of kids I’m guessing from the mid-west invited us to hang at their cabana and continue the party. Upon arrival, it seems that someone in this group had money because they somehow had bottle service. There is nothing like straight vodka and a splash of watered down cranberry juice in the 100-degree heat.

The minutes turned into hours and the hours turned into more hours in the blaring heat. The last thing I remember was trying to get up from a boiling chase lounger and then it all goes black. Now there I was….in the ambulance headed to a Vegas Medical Facility. The question of the hour once I got some sort of understanding of where I was seemed to be…. Where the hell is my girlfriend? (Now Ex for a variety of reasons beyond this story)

<![CDATA[Just an early morning drive]]>Fri, 24 Feb 2017 05:15:24 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/just-an-early-morning-drivePicture

Three hours have gone by since my friends have all went to bed and there I am in the middle of a Las Vegas Casino at 5 in the morning all alone, looking for something to do. It was now the third morning in Las Vegas and the previous night nobody partied very hard at all. Listening to his girlfriend, by buddy decided that it would be best to go upstairs early for the night and to be fresh in the morning for breakfast and pool lounging. This logic seems lost on me even now as I ponder what to do with my solitude derived freedom.

My first move was to make my way to an environment where there was at least a few living souls up now of the day and I naturally went to the center bar of the hotel. I sat down and then put a twenty in the Video Poker Machine (a move that I mostly do for the free drinks) and then a perky brunette bombshell asked me what I wanted to drink. For whatever reason, instead of ordering a cocktail at 5AM the mix of the new day and beautiful woman asking me had me answering strangely. “is it possible to get a coffee?” I asked her, and she smiled and soon I was caffeinating trying to plan my next solo Vegas move.

Sober and hyped up I felt that walking the strip for the 400th time would not be the fun I was looking for and that maybe it was time to get out of the city for a bit. I walked up to the front desk to find the rental car section empty. The sign said that although the desk was closed, to call this number and a car can be arranged 24hours a day. A brief conversation and transfer of debit card information and there was a car being delivered to me at the hotel Valet in 30 mins.

There I was under a brightly lit Las Vegas Marquee in a new SUV with the world set out before me. The car linked directly to my phone and then it was time to choose a soundtrack. “The Rat Pack, Live at the Sands Hotel” was the first thing that came to mind and then with the roar of 1960s crowd noise I threw the car into drive, and turned out of the Valet Area. Cruising the Strip towards the Desert with the sun peering up over the horizon I was a new man.

I drove as fast as I could west without knowing where I was headed and stopped at some dive looking half hotel slot parlor (forgot the name) just to look up in my phone where I should eat a breakfast. As it turns out there is no descent buffet resorts between Vegas and California on a weekday. I raced the last 20 mins to a place called Primm (again a dive looking stop off), and realized this morning was all about the drive.

I sped back towards the Vegas strip at top speed and kept driving down the strip until I passed the wedding chapels and pawn shops. After free parking by the Golden Nugget I found myself a place to get a good egg sandwich. There I was sitting on a bench among the homeless looking at the vast canopy of downtown. Wondering how I would end up in this spot was of no consequence. Sometimes it’s all about the drive is all I figured.

<![CDATA[ My friends Naked Girlfriend and the Vegas Vomit Wheel ]]>Thu, 26 Jan 2017 11:31:20 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/-my-friends-naked-girlfriend-and-the-vegas-vomit-wheelPicture
Hey Vegas Adventure, I wanted to include a short story about a recent trip I had with my friend. After the last trip to Las Vegas I had I mad a small list of the things that I still did not get to do (mostly because I was drunk or lazy). On this list was the Infamous giant Ferris wheel known as the High Roller. Even though we told ourselves that we would stay more sober to enjoy activities, this did not happen as usual.

Our morning started out almost normal with us up with the sunrise (a travel tradition), in our hotel room suite at the Paris Hotel. We were upgraded to a huge multi room living space with a separate living room complete with couches a wet bar kitchen etc. Still being half drunk from the night before I stumble to the Keurig machine and make myself a cup a black coffee. Standing in a hotel room robe I stood stepping over my friends on the floor to get to the window to see the Bellagio Fountains. There is nothing better than standing at this window with the sunrise and drinking a cup of coffee with the view I had.

After some rumbling I realize the girl that my friend “met” last night awoke and walked into the living room area. “Is there coffee?” was all she asked and when I turned to tell her where the k-cups are, I saw her standing there completely naked. Interesting start to a Vegas Adventure I guess. A hiss of a Keurig and a short time later now with a robe on I sad at our 8 person table in front of this giant window talking to a curly haired blonde girl from Washington State.

Conversation was funny and interesting and before long my buddy awoke and so did my girlfriend (now Ex) leaving the four of us awake before 8AM and trying to figure out what to do. The High Roller was on my short list and the decision was made….Breakfast and then Ferris Wheel it shall be.

Our breakfast was a wonderful buffet where it seems that because we were the early birds that day we got in with ease. The price was cheap (player rewards) and we elected to start drinking bloody maries and mimosas which were unlimited because of our reward status. The meal lasted over an hour and we were already tipsy. The walk to the Linq hotel was a fun strip singing extravaganza with our group of four already feeling no pain. Once in the promenade area of the linq the decision was made to continue to booze before we hit the Ferris pod.

To make a long story short I will just say that another hour of gambling and drinking way too much made it then time to make our way to the High Roller. I was slowly sipping beers and my best friend seemed to be drinking Jim Beam straight (not a great choice I guess). We enter the futuristic pod and the four of us had one all to ourselves which was amazing. As the doors closed and the announcements were coming over the speaker and promotional video started I saw my buddy start changing colors.

Fast forward 15 minutes later and as we were ascending to where we were about to peek up higher than the hotel rooftops and that is when it happened. My friend was leaning up right where the glass of the pod and the metal meet up. He first coyly tried to slowly spew without making too big of a scene. After we all see this the laughter began. Once he felt that embarrassment wouldn’t be something he could now avoid, round two was one of the most vile and funny moments of my years of visiting Las Vegas. Imagine four people right before noon trapped in a smelly pod with some of the window covered in puke? As he lay on the floor eyes closed and all of us pressed to the other side of the window the laughter and jokes were that of epic proportions. Yes there was pictures (he won’t lent me share) , and video (my evil ex must have). All I have of this story is the memory of my buddy throwing up…. not to mention the memory of his naked girlfriend making morning coffee. I love Las Vegas!

<![CDATA[Roller Coaster , Naked Redhead]]>Sat, 31 Dec 2016 15:38:40 GMThttp://thevegasadventure.com/homepage/roller-coaster-naked-redhead
We just got back from a short 2-day trip from California to Las Vegas where we were planning on doing a 48 hour stay-up bender. Even though there was a chill in the air we decided to put the top down on my best friend’s cherry red Mustang Convertible and put the heat on to even out the breeze. The trip started perfect with a short 3-4-hour car ride until our Sin City Adventure.

On our way, there we needed to stop for gas and knew there was a good spot for food and gas about an hour out of Vegas in Primm. We grabbed some Red Bulls and snacks and me being a gentleman, decided to pay for the gas to fill up my friend’s car. Looking up we saw right across the street “Buffalo Bills” hotel and Casino glittering in the Desert sun with its old but very cool looking roller coaster in operation. It was then that I turned to my buddy and said “we must take a ride on that coaster to continue our journey”. He easily agreed and we made our way across the street to the semi-empty parking lot to go on this coaster.

There was absolutely zero line while waiting for the roller coaster and we were two of the 5 people that were loaded up and starting the accent to the heavens on this yellow track of majesty. The initial drop was more than I anticipated and the ride was longer than we expected, ending with us both clapping and laughing as it came to an abrupt halt. Completely worth the price of admission.

When exiting the ride, we made our way through the mock western town and did some quick window shopping in the souvenir shops filled with rubber snakes and electric barking puppy toys to emerge on the casino floor once again. Being full of energy from the ride I thought it would be a good Idea to sit and have a few beers with some Video Poker in this almost empty resort in the desert.

Sparing the details I would like to say that about 4-6 hours later I woke up next to what appeared to be a 35 year old red headed exiled Vegas Stripper/Call Girl in a 43 dollar a night Buffallo Bills Hotel room. I remembered picking this chick up at the empty bar and after A LOT of afternoon drinks found that her bleach blonde friend and her were just as interested in having afternoon fun (without charging us). I guess they weren’t hookers after all!

I snuck out of the hotel room about 5PM after getting in touch with my friend (down at the food court and didn’t score). Luckily he was sober enough to drive and we cranked the tunes and away we went once again one hour from the Vegas Fun that awaited us. To be honest, I love random Vegas Stories where you don’t plan anything and you wake up next to a redhead in the desert!